Top Hollywood movies with creepy stories

There are lots of horror movies all over the internet and you can see them but it’s hard to be scared now. If you are the one who is looking for the creepiest stories and want to watch the movies this weekend with someone then here is the list.

Let’s take a look at the creepy stories of Hollywood movies.


This movie is quite popular and if you haven’t watched the movie yet then you should go for this movie. A nightmare on the elm street is the person who is going to stalk his prey in the dreams.

Every time she sleeps she is going to watch him in his dreams killing her and when she wakes up she can see him near her. You will see how creepy this story is and this story is based on the true event.


This story is also based on the true event where you can see a family has moved to the new house but they don’t know about the history of the home. They are going to experience strange things in the home and these incidents will turn into something horrible.

Before moving to the house there was a man who brutally murdered in the house and it seems like he is still in the house who don’t want anyone to shift there and live in his house.


This story is about the young girl who is possessed by the devil and Catholic priest then performed an exorcism on her. This incident is real on which movie has been made. If you want to experience creepy story about the young girl then this is suitable for you.

The way things start flying in the movie and how she got so much power inside her will shake you from your seat and for sure you are going to remember the story for a long time.


As we all know that Annabelle is a real doll who is possessed by the devil and still closed in the museum of Ed and Lauren. You can see the movie Annabelle when you like to see the creepy stories about dolls and toys.

This is one of the most amazing stories and all the incidents in this movie are based on the real incidents. You will see how Ed and Lauren helped people in getting rid of it and how that still is still in the lock because she still has the power to kill the people just by getting out.


This is one of the famous series of a doll who is possessed with the devil powers. This is the real story where family experienced the activities of the doll which can move from one room to another without someone helped the doll.

This doll is still in the KeyWest Florida in the custom house. This doll is still not safe to throw out because it can ruin families in real.