Festival of the cinema of La Foa

In June 1999, the Mayor of the town of La Foa, Philippe GOMES, wished to accompany the opening of the cinema to a major cultural event: it was the first edition of the Cinema Festival of Foa which, taking place a few days more Late under the presidency of director Jean-Pierre JEUNET, allowed the Caledonians to express themselves on the canvas of the great, through short film.

By focusing on highlighting films from around the world, recognized at prestigious festivals such as the Cannes Film Festival, the Venice Film Festival, the Paris Ile-de-France Film Festival …, the La Foa Film Festival confirms Its desire to offer the Caledonians a reflection of these often unpublished achievements in New Caledonia.

For the past 9 years, Claude PINOTEAU, the actors Catherine JACOB, Charles BERLING, Gérard JUGNOT, Jane CAMPION, Marie-Christine BARRAULT, Philippe TORRETON and Claude BRASSEUR have also hosted the festival.

Gérard Darmon will be the guest of the 9th festival, where he will present “The Heart of Men” by Marc Esposito, prefiguring the next release of the “Heart of Men” 2.

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