Why do men wear wedding rings?

Why do men wear wedding rings?

Where did this custom of wearing a wedding ring come into existence? And since when did it become applicable to men? As far as history is known, wedding rings were meant only for women. Why did men start wearing them? Here’s a sneak-peek into this.


A couple of years ago, when Prince William got married to his college sweetheart Kate Middleton, he decided to forgo the wedding ring – he doesn’t wear one even today. And there wasn’t much of an uproar about it because traditionally, men did not wear wedding rings. Although Prince Charles does wear one – whether to wear a wedding ring or not is entirely a personal choice.

Wedding rings have been first traced back to Egypt, where only the brides used to wear and flaunt their symbols of marriage. But later on, even in Egypt, slowly and steadily, a sizeable population of men stayed insisting and wearing wedding rings as a display of their commitment.


The significant change was during the World War II when men would leave behind their families to serve their countries for foreign deployments. At such times, men started wearing rings as it was a comforting reminder of their wives and families back home – giving them the hope and motivation to carry on through the war-torn times.

Although with changing times, grooms too, are insisting on wedding rings – both partners wearing a wedding ring has become a trend now. Modern-day jewellers are now coming up with couple rings – for both the partners to have balanced rings which go perfectly with each other. And yes, there are a lot of takers for these rings too.

Mostly men started wearing rings to show that they’re committed and taken and not up for grabs. Rings are also keepers of fidelity – a reminder that you’re married and have a wife back home!

Holding hands

On the bright side of it, it’s heartening to see that both men and women are now wearing wedding rings – because women wore these rings as a sign of ownership and bondage by their husbands in the olden times. The fact that both man and wife wear rings are a clear statement of equality and commitment – outright in the face of the world.

And the fact that men too are enjoying wearing this minimalistic, but says-a-lot piece of jewellery is just great. And dear men, we have a lot of jewellers who are coming up with the best of the designs on wedding rings to spoil you with choices. To get more info about wedding rings and wedding bands check out mensweddingbands website.

How can you customize your wallpaper?

How can you customize your wallpaper?

It is more fun to have a background which you want on your desktop. You are going to be staring at the screen the whole day. So why not make it a little admirable and more productive. Whether you spend most of the time using your computer or not, you will be able to avoid those boring backgrounds. One of the most preferred ones are the religious wallpapers. Lord Shiva Images is one of the most searched terms in Hindu dominated countries like India. Here are ways to customize your computer no matter what operating system you are using.

  1. Look for some awesome Wallpapers

There are a lot of great wallpapers sites out there. You can use the desktop to look for the best looking wallpapers online. Then you can rotate those wallpapers with a good switcher. Your wallpapers can either be motivational or informative. Next, go to settings>Personalization. Select the background and select an empty folder.

Click on the box underneath the background to choose a picture or slideshow for your background. Click on the photo of your choice, and it will appear on your desktop background. Also, you can use an image editor to add in some text that relates to the wallpaper.

  1. Choose different wallpapers into separate workspaces

It will streamline your workflow since you will be able to organize different windows into various workspaces. For example, you can have a separate desktop for word documents and a separate for browsing. Therefore you can be browsing and typing at the same time. Having done this, you will not only have made your work easier but also improve on your work environment.

  1. Assign wallpapers such that different background use specific display

It is limited only to those peoples who are using a multi-monitor set up. If you want to your background to have its display, then you can follow the procedure below:

l Select image from file explorer using control.

l Right click on the image that you want to set as your background and set it.

  1. By using Display Fusion

Today, display fusion is the best choice for anyone who desires to use more than one screen. It offers numerous functions beyond the common wallpapers. Alternatively, if you are a single monitor user, you can look for Brilli wallpaper changer. Simply it allows you to choose your collections from its library. However, you cannot select more than two images at a time.

  1. Use a nice Video as your Wallpaper

If you have not done it already, you can navigate in this manner.

l Go to tools>preference.

l Select the Video tab.

You can choose a nice video and then right click. Go back to Video and set it as wallpaper. Undo the set as Wallpaper when you are done.


Having a desktop appearance that reflects your taste is the best. It slowly changes the productivity of the work you are doing. Therefore you can simply modify your desktop to improve your workflow.

Experience The Parts Of World With The International Film Festival

‘We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies.’ This quotation by renowned Walt Disney has rightly defined the meaning of the film. But the film must be shown to the people around the world. In the yesteryears, the scope and the limit of a film are insufficient to showcase round the world. But this has not turned down the enthusiasm of the filmmakers to make movies. Motion picture movie directors have found a new way to showcase their talent in movie making by introducing the International Film Festivals. These film festivals have now become one of the greatest platforms for the people associated with the film to showcase their talent.  Visit our sponsors on Turntable.guide.

If you want to know the world, then you must make a visit to the International film festivals. In these festivals, you will cover most of the unknown places through the discoveries that have been captured by the directors through their stories. For this, you do not have to be a film buff.

Get live with the directors

Getting in the film festivals is not a big deal at all. Many countries are producing film festivals. The time and the schedule of the film festival are different from the other. The most important thing you will notice in the film festivals is that you will get to talk with the filmmakers directly. There are no such restrictions. The main purpose of making a film festival is to hear what the audience wants to say and also tell the audience the sequences behind the camera. This will make the bonding of the audience and the filmmakers tight.